The success of an aviation company depends upon the management and its team members experience in problem-solving. Our team aims to provide their technical experience to lessor and airline in making the best aircraft decisions and preserve the value of their assets for a long period.

Regular maintenance of the aircraft will definitely increase its longevity and will provide you the business for a long time that is possible only when the team is highly-qualified and experienced to provide inputs about the aircraft condition and compliance with the industry standards.


Meet our Management

Our Team Aims To Provide Their Technical Experience To Lesser And Airline In Making The Best Aircraft Decisions And Preserve The Value Of Their Assets For A Long Period.

Person 1
Mohammad Sadik
Person 2
Sreenivas Yerrabali
Chief Technical Officer
Person 3
Shiv Prasad
Chief Commercial Officer

Meet Our Team

Ravinutala Srinivasa Rao - Sr. Technical Advisor
G Pandey - Supply Chain & Procurement Manager
Ankappa A - Technical Manager