About us

YS Aviations is established by a team of professionals who have all the required expertise to lead the aviation industry.

About YS Aviations

Experience you can trust, service you can count on.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced aviation professionals. Who offer our expertise to lessors and airlines to preserve the value of their assets. Our Team carries a combined aviation experience of over 125 years & 45 years of journey into Aviation asset management and providing Technical Services to Leasing companies, with over 150 + projects around the globe.

YS Aviations

Your Aviation Partner

We offer a range of services to our clients such as asset management, pre-purchase inspection, lease management, audit and maintenance of aircraft, digitalization of the records, etc. We directly render our services to the clients or partner with efficient market leaders to provide the best services. We can be a one-stop solutions to all your needs for unbiased information about the aircraft.


The Dedication:

We keep our clients informed about the progress, the requirements that are to be met, and provide a project completion tracking guide. We ensure the clients are satisfied with the timely progress and the inputs provided. The verification reports and records include effective measures for the correction of the errors so that the repair and or lease program can be completed in the shortest possible time.

The Commitment

We handle all kinds of projects. The people in our team are trained and experienced to handle all the queries with confidence and ease.



We can be your choicest partner for all the aircraft needs. Our technical team ensures that all your aircrafts requirements are met, that comply with the international standards and record keeping is done on a timely basis. Lease/Sale/Purchase requires a physical inspection of the aircraft, engines, and analysis of the records to approve its agreement.

An experienced team’s valuable feedback can help you ensure its compliance, and we have all the required potential to be your partner. We aim to be the best in the industry and have all the SOPs in place which makes us best in the industry.


The aviation industry is one of the most progressive industries that is challenging and has continuous scopes of improvement.

YS Aviations is founded by a team of experts that are into the industry for years and work hard towards the betterment of the industry through its potential clients, helping them to have a better experience. We can help you with all your aviation service requirements.



We have laid the foundation of YS Aviations on privacy, confidentiality, and honesty. The projects taken up will be dealt with extreme confidentiality and all the information gathered during the project will be held with the company and later complete information will be shared with the client.

We value professionalism and provide the best services. All the projects are delivered on time under the supervision of the experts. We are committed to delivering all our projects timely as per the agreement. A happy and content customer is our priority.